Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Sasha Fierce: The Russian - Week 2

So let's rewind to last week for a second. The first week here is super crazy. You walk in, get rushed through the whole campus, get a bag of books that looks like it's straight out of Santa's sleigh because of how full it is, get pushed into a classroom and get leaf blown by your teacher who only speaks to you in your mission language. Then on top of that, if it's your first day at the MTC, they put an orange dot on your name tag. Basically it's like having a neon flashing sign saying "idiot over here who has no idea what he's doing in this place." So because of that, all the other older elders, since being here for a week is considered old, try and see how loud they can say "Welcome Elders!" to you all day. It's a relief to finally get that dot off your name tag that night.

Okay let me explain the title. So for some reason, half of my district likes to talk in a Russian accent some of the time. They all have Russian names to match. Including Sasha, Vlad and others that I can't remember. Don't ask me how it happened, but things like that just happen here. I swear they put something in the food. 

So one of the sisters in our district is from Finland. Since she grew up in the European school system, she already knows 4 languages. Gotta love living in the American edumacation thing. But anyways, whenever someone asks her where shes lives in Finland, she says she lives where Santa Claus lives. Like 10 hours north of Helsinki. That's kind of far up north.

For this next part, there is kind of a back story to it. So if anyone knows Elder Schow in my district, you know that he's the sassiest kid you'll know and says really funny things to people all the time and doesn't really care what people think of him. It makes for a really good time just as long as you're not on the receiving end, of course. 

Now you understand who I'm talking about right? Okay, let's move on.

Alright, please raise your hand is you've seen the movie Mean Girls. Alright, for those who haven't, go look up the part where they're all in the gym and Tina Fey's character says, "How many of you have ever felt personally victimized by Regina George?" I'll just wait until you're done.


Seen it now? Okay. 

So the other day we were all sitting around doing personal study, and Elder Schow's comp quotes that part from the movie and everyone from the district raised their hand. Everyone just died laughing because of how true it actually was. Luckily he loves us and doesn't usually mean what he says. Usually. 

Now another story with Blake Wilson.

So at nights Elder Schow, yes it's a lot about him but he makes our lives interesting, likes to take 20 to 25 minute showers and we like to make fun of him about it sometimes. So when he was walking back to our room after showering, we all saw him and shut the door on him which meant he was locked out. After successfully singing all of Do You Want to Build a Snowman? through the door, we slid a note with a pen under the door telling him to go away. He then slid them both back under the door a minute later and the note said "Both of these have been in my mouth." We all died laughing for like 5 minutes and didn't let him in until after we finally got composed. 

Shout out to my old college roomie Dalon and his girfriend Kaitlyn who I saw this morning in front of the fountain at the temple after I just finished a session. So great to see familiar faces and the timing was perfect!

Thanks for tuning in this week and stay tuned for our next episode of, "Will Elder Wilson ever get out of the MTC?"

With Love,

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(editor's note: I finally found the missing SD card with the Mission Call Opening party pictures. I have updated the very first post for anyone interested. click here)