Thursday, January 29, 2015

D-Day ... Delivery of the Mission Call!

We were anticipating the call coming on a Wednesday, they ALWAYS come on Wednesdays. My other son's call came on a Wednesday as did all his friends calls. We knew it had been issued Thursday of last week. Wednesday came ... and nothing. I (Blake's mom, the editor of this blog) even called the post office to see if it had been delivered late to the local post office ... still nothing. I put all the food away, made the appropriate calls that the opening party was on hold and we all went to bed hoping that today would be THE day. After work and school and some impatient waiting, I went to the mailbox AND ... TA DA ...!!!

I quickly took these pictures with my phone and sent them to Blake since he was not at home. He was attending school at BYU. Let the party begin!

Alan, Leanne and I loaded the car with food, decorations, the large wall map and of course the all important envelope and headed down to Provo. After arriving to Blake's apartment, we quickly decorated the walls and posted the map, allowing everyone to make their mission guesses, one state-side and one foreign. 

The envelope finally in hand!

Waiting for friends and family to arrive.

Guesses made

Then surrounded by family and friends, this happened ...

He knew! He knew that he was going to be called to serve in the FRANCE LYON MISSION!  At the beginning of the process of filling out his mission paperwork when he had his Bishop's interview, Blake told the Bishop that he thought he would be serving in France. He continued to have this feeling all along and while waiting for his mission call to come. He hadn't told anyone about these feelings except the Bishop. Trevor had just returned from the France Paris mission in August (you can read his blog here) and Blake really wanted to go to France as well, but not the same mission as Trevor. This feeling became really strong last week, on Thursday, the exact day the Mission Department issued his call. Then last night he had a dream that he was on his mission and he was speaking French. And one last weird (or inspired) experience ... today right after he received the text and pictures from me telling him that his call came, Blake was in the Wilkinson Center at school getting some lunch. He decided to sit down at a random table to eat where there were two girls that he didn't know. He began talking to them and told them that his mission call just came and that he would be opening it tonight. They were excited for him and told him that they both had just returned from missions in December. They had served in the same mission and told him that they hoped he will serve in their same mission, "the greatest mission in the world," the France Lyon Mission. Yep! They both just returned from Lyon! Coincidence?! I think not! 

As you watch the video, you will notice the exact moment when Blake sees where he is going. He saw "Lyon" before reading it out loud and this is when he does the "I can't believe it" gesture.    

(I apologize for the long awkward brotherly hug. I was trying to get still shots at the same time as video, so I asked them to hug it out one more time.)

You just can't make up these kinds of things! Both my boys going to France!

See Blake's guess? Lyon by BW. He only made one guess. His roommate Dalon also guessed Lyon so he was the winner of the prize, a box full of Blake's favorite things.

Yummy trifle to celebrate ... a family tradition. 

Blake with his college obsession. Notice she is holding the French flag. We put that in her hand BEFORE Blake opened his call. Another sign!